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RLR Laundry Treatment

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RLR Laundry Treatment is an old school laundry treatment that has remained unchanged for many years for a very good reason - it works.

Used to deep clean, removing residue & buildup from your clothing, and cloth diapers, to deal with repelling, leaking and odor issues. 


Just add it to your hot wash cycle along with your normal detergent. Continue to run a few extra hot rinses after this until you don't see any more bubbles. It also works well with hard water, pulling the built-up minerals out of the fibers and rinsing them away. 


It contains no phosphates non-pollutingand bio-degradable

How to use RLR on regular Laundry for an added boost: 

  1. Open package and empty directly on dry or wet laundry in washing machine.
  2. Wash as usual with detergent.

RLR Laundry Treatment can also be used for handwashing of one or two small pieces of clothing--just use a small amount in a basin of water. 

Can be used for front or top loader washing machines.

Made in the USA