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Ottawa and Area Cloth Diaper Workshops - Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company

Ottawa Cloth Diaper Workshop

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Learn About Cloth Diapering in Ottawa!


The new generation of cloth diapers offers you so much choice: prefolds, fitted, pockets, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, hybrids, wool covers, and PUL covers! While this may leave you feeling quite baffled, by the end of our time together you'll know the difference between a doubler and an insert, think Snappi-ing's a snap, and have figured out the system you like best.


If you are interested in getting started with cloth diapers, this workshop is for YOU! We will go through all of the basics of cloth diapering including laundry, what you need to get started and the types of diapers available, give you simple steps to make the care of your diapers super easy (and not time-consuming or dirty work!). You'll leave with all your questions answered and excited at the possibility of saving hundreds of dollars and thousands of diapers.


Babies are welcome as well as partners. There is a small fee that will be applied to attend to ensure that registered attendees are present since spots are limited and we want to ensure that every one interested can attend this worthwhile event. Your fee can be redeemed on future orders.


We do ask you to register (add to your cart), so that we know how many people are coming. Sessions last 1.5 hours, which will give you plenty of time to feel and get comfortable with the diapers.


Bring your partner, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents, etc, so they can learn along with you!