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Baby Legs

BabyLegs Baby Leggings

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Help Stop Gapiosis!

Gapiosis: The space between the sock and the bottom of the pant, often accentuated by being held in arms or by being placed in a carrier or stroller. Sweet little baby legs all over the world are being exposed to the chilly air because of gapiosis. Protect these little legs from wind burn and chill. Buy BabyLegs!

How do you wear your BabyLegs? 

  • Makes diaper changing and elimination communication a breeze
  • Keep legs warm; great with carriers & strollers
  • Helps socks to stay on
  • Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
  • Allows barefoot walking to help your baby develop balance
  • Light-weight sun protection
  • Extra layer for cool spring & summer nights, skiing, or camping
  • Great protection against bugs, i.e. mosquitoes
  • Toddlers will love them for playing dress-up
  • Extends wear of children's clothing
  • For sports, playgrounds, and dance class
  • Comfortable alternative to tights
  • Instant look of an undershirt!
  • Arm warmers for all! (Road Bikers, Kids, Adults, etc.)
  • Soothing for eczema and other skin conditions
  • Wear over bandages to keep child from removing
  • Provides compression for ice or heating pack
  • Helps to keep colic at ease
  • Wear over a cast to protect & individualize outer layer
  • Wear under a hospital gown to keep arms/legs warm
  • Keep elderly warm

BabyLegs are 33cm long (unless noted differently) and provide a comfortable fit for your sweet baby legs One Size fits most Newborn to Tweens