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Birth Pool Rentals

Birth Pool Rentals in Ottawa and Surrounding Area


Congratulations! Birth is an exciting time in your and your partner's life. At Bumbini, we strive to offer you the support and tools you need to create your best birth experience as you define it. That is why we are proud to offer birth pool rentals in Ottawa and the surrounding areas!

Use of warm water during labor can reduce time in labor, increase comfort and result in fewer interventions. It has been shown that immersion in warm water that is deeper than the mother's abdomen is an extremely valuable relaxation tool. The following are some of the known benefits of a water labor and water birth:

  • Provides significant pain relief
  • Reduces the need for drugs and interventions
  • Reduces perineal trauma and eliminates episiotomies - encouraging an easier birth experience for mothers and a gentler welcome for babies
  • Reduces blood pressure, by promoting relaxation and conserving mother's energy levels
  • Can assist in speeding up labor
  • Water facilitates mobility and enables the mother to assume any position which is comfortable for labor and birth
  • Provides a feeling of control to the laboring mother
  • Water births create your best birth experience as you define it.

We carry Birth Pool in a Box birth pool, which come highly recommended by moms, midwives, and doulas.

How Does The Birth Pool Rental Work? 

Our rental period is 4 weeks - from about 38 weeks to 42 weeks. This will make sure you have the pool ready when you need it, and have plenty of time if baby decides to enter the world after his or her birth date. The cost is $195 plus HST and includes the items listed below: 
The birth pool rental kit includes everything you need: 
- Pool
- Disposable liner
- Inflating pump
- Lead-free filling hose -25 feet
- Faucet connector 3/4" MGH x 1" FIP
- Submersible pump for draining
- Full instructions for use
** Any additional modification is the cost of the client responsibility (e.g. hose length, faucet adaptor)**

What Size Birth Pool Do I Need? 

Birth Pool in a Box offers two sizes - Regular and Mini. 
The Regular size is recommended if you are over 5'6 tall, or would like to have your partner join you in the pool. 
If space in the room is limited, the Mini size is perfect! 


Are Birthing Pools Hygienic?

Absolutely. Each pool comes with a single-use, disposable pool liner. After each rental, the pools are thoroughly cleaned and wiped down with disinfectant. We provide with each rental a brand new filling hose, pool liner and faucet connector.

How to Book a Birthing Pool

Please contact us early to make sure we have a pool available for you. Fill out the form below for more information.