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Loveybums Pull Up Wool Cover
Loveybums Pull Up Wool Covers
Loveybums Pull Up Wool Covers - Orchid
Loveybums Pull Up Wool Covers - Green Tea
Loveybums Pull Up Wool Covers - Mango
Loveybums Pull Up Wool Covers - Sunflower Yellow

Loveybums Pull Up Wool Cover

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Loveybums Pull Up Wool Cover

  • Loveybums' gorgeous pull-up covers are made with 1 layer of thick and stretchy hand-dyed wool interlock in the body
  • Undyed/untreated interlock is used for the waist and leg cuffs
  • The soft and stretchy cuffs make for a very comfortable fit on your baby's legs and waist
  • Wool interlock is the heaviest wool used by Loveybums, making it a great choice for nights and naps but equally good for daytime use
  • Pull-up covers are so convenient, with no snaps or velcro to fuss with
  • With a gorgeous colour palette to choose from you'll want to show these covers off!
  • Comes with a sample of lanolin and very easy-to-follow instructions
  • Please see below for care and sizing information
  • Made in the USA


You will need to lanolize your wool cover before first use. When your cover begins to lose some of its water resistance (approx. every 4-6 weeks), you will need to re-lanolize it. Handwash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or wool wash; lie flat to dry.


rise waist legs weight
small 12" 7 - 17" 4 - 9" birth - 12 lbs
medium 14" 9 - 20" 6 - 11" 9 - 22 lbs
large 16" 12 - 22" 8 - 13" 18 - 30 lbs
xl 17 1/2" 13 - 24" 10 - 15" 28 - 40+ lbs


What's so great about wool?

  • Wool is a natural fibre and a renewable resource!
  • Wool is extremely breathable, allowing for lots of airflow near your baby's bottom (good for stopping diaper rash and for preventing trapped heat) and also allowing for evaporation of moisture
  • Wool covers contain lanolin (made of oils secreted by sheep), which creates a natural waterproofness and is also antibacterial
  • Wool is incredibly absorbent and can hold an amazing 33% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet, making it a very popular choice as a nighttime cover
  • Wool is anti-bacterial it can be used repeatedly between washes and only requires air-drying between uses. The covers need cleaning only when soiled or when the wool retains an odour. Depending on the amount of use it's common to have to wash covers every couple of weeks and lanolize every 4 to 6 weeks.