Vehicle Safety (And Savings!) Now That Baby’s On Board

Vehicle Safety (And Savings!) Now That Baby’s On Board

That first car ride home with your brand new bundle of joy strapped into the back seat are the most nerve-racking miles you’ll ever drive. You will suddenly notice every sharp curve and every driver going more than half a mile over the speed limit. When you are on the road, there’s danger everywhere. Fortunately for you, there are many things you can do to keep your baby safe, and you don’t have to spend your little one’s college fund to make it happen. Check out these helpful tips from Bumbini!

Insurance is Essential

 In the event of a wreck, Money Under 30 explains your automotive insurance is your family’s broadest financial safety net. Chances are, you haven’t reviewed your policy in a while. The following 15 minutes that your baby naps is a great opportunity to do this. There are many considerations when changing insurers and one of these is the availability of a multi-car discount, which comes with a few stipulations. Your second form of transportation must be a private passenger vehicle and you also have to carry, at minimum, liability coverage. Although storage coverage may be cheaper, it won’t get you the discount, and your savings for upping your insurance coverage might make up for the cost when you add additional vehicles.

 If you find that it is still too expensive to insure your vehicle correctly, talk to your agent about cars, trucks and SUVs in your budget that may be less expensive to protect. WalletHub recently compiled a list of vehicles with the cheapest auto insurance premiums; Subaru Forester, Dodge Grand Caravan and Honda Odyssey top the list. Some exceptionally budget-friendly options, such as the Ford Escape, make the top 10.

 Hands-free and Happy

 Do you keep your phone handy when you hop in the car? Most states have adopted hands-free driving laws. Good reason for this: is it simply safer with your hands on the wheel where they belong. But that doesn’t mean your phone can’t be available while you drive. Opt for a phone holder that fits into your cup holder or attaches to your dashboard so you can use your phone hands-free.

Money and Maintenance

 Beyond paying for insurance, several other car-related items cost money. Oil changes, tires, gasoline and other necessities don’t come cheap. Happy Money Saver notes there are a few ways to save money at the shop. Plan to look for coupons for oil changes, search online for special deals, and learn how to change your fluids yourself.

 Tires are another maintenance item, that can be 10 times more expensive than even a complete synthetic oil change. Make sure to change your tires when the threads are showing signs of deterioration. Ideally, purchase tires in the spring or fall when manufacturers offer seasonal promotions, but do not wait if the condition of your tires puts your family’s safety in jeopardy. Also, make sure you have your tires rotated regularly since that can extend the life of the tires and improve your gas mileage.

 Insurance can protect you in case of an accident, driving hands-free keeps your attention on the road, and maintaining your vehicle makes it that much safer. Thankfully, none of these have to dip into your savings. But remember, failure to take the above actions can cost you more than money.

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