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Cost Effective Options For Families

For the majority of people, having a baby puts a definite squeeze on finances.  Between the immediate needs (clothing, crib, stroller, change table) to future (college!) anyone’s banking situation can start looking a little grim.  Add to that the fact that baby needs to be changed between 5000-7000 times before they are potty trained, and it can put new parents in a very difficult situation.

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Cloth Diapering Tips for Dads

When it comes to cloth diapering and Dads, their immediate response is "how much is this going to cost us"?  But once they see all the great benefits to cloth diapers, they soon begin to wonder why they even hesitated in the first place.

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Changing Our Habits One Step at a Time

We all share a responsibility to protect and care for our environment. Increasing carbon emissions and pollution are some of the most critical issues we are grappling with and must face a greater sense of urgency. We owe it to ourselves, to future generations and to other species we share this world with.

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Making Cloth Diapers Even Greener

There is a hidden environmental benefit to using cloth diapers as well: since our daily cloth diapering routine impacts our resource use, we have more control over it, and more of an awareness of it (especially if you are paying the hydro bill!) 

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