Picture of 4 bandana bibs hanging on a rope

Why Bandana Bibs are Parent’s Favorite Bibs

We are obsessed with bandana bibs, as they are unlike traditional baby bibs. With two snaps and cut in a triangle shape, allowing babies a more stylish look while still remaining functional. They are soft, colourful, wide variety of prints to choose from, making it attractive for babies not wanting to pull or take it off! 

Parents love how absorbent, protecting clothing from wetness from drool and stains from food.  In addition, parents love the versatility that bandana bibs have to offer.

You can never have just one! Here are some other ways to continue using them long after using them as bibs.

  • Clothing accessories such as cake smashing photos, or adding style to any outfit
  • Headband
  • Armband
  • Adorable bandana necktie for your pets
  • Accessories for your dolls and toys
  • Dress up your Halloween pumpkins, Christmas tree, banister
  • Keep in car to mop up spills or for cleaning hands
  • Themed BBQ parties:  at the beach, back yard or cottage
  • Wrapping up utensils
  • Dress up wine , champagne bottles


What other uses do you use your bandana bibs for?

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