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One Small Step For Humankind, One Huge Leap For Earth

What if one little thing could change the world? Do you doubt that it will have any impact? Imagine when each of us does one small thing what the effect it will have on everything around us. Climate change is no longer a distant problem; it is happening here and happening now. Barack Obama expressed these exact sentiments, stating, "... we're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change; we are the last generation that can do something about it. We only get one home; we only get one planet. There's no plan B...."


The need to act has never been more urgent than now to address this crisis. We all have the desire to use disposables because it's inexpensive and easy. We were making significant progress until COVID hit, and then disposable was the way to go because it felt safer. But we can continue to build on that considerable progress we were making without fear for one's safety.

Switching to cloth diapers from synthetic diapers is not as difficult as one thinks. By ditching the habit of using disposable diapers, you save money while diverting tons of garbage from landfills. Imagine using organic cloth diapers that are affordable without any of the harmful chemicals.

Who doesn't love that!  

Think of all the production, manufacturing, resources needed, chemicals and transporting that make disposable diapers. Then there is the driving your car to purchase them, disposing of them after usage, the garbage trucks collecting them to transport them to the landfill. There is nothing convenient about disposable diapers. We have also seen the price gouging that goes on with essential products that consumers rely upon during this pandemic. This vicious cycle continues to repeat itself. Whereas with cloth diapers, you buy 25-30 cloth diapers and use them over and over, without any fear of running out or leaving your home.

That is why, here at Bumbini, we are passionate about cloth diapers. We believe in offering families premium quality diapers at reasonable prices. 

With recent job losses, the uncertainty of our economy, families are stressed not finding essentials or paying inflated prices. 

At Bumbini, we offer an exclusive range of cloth diapers, liners, accessories, and laundry care products. Our low prices allow parents to stretch their dollar while purchasing premium quality diapers for their babies. So stress no more. Bumbini is at your rescue.

Tell us what small thing your family has been doing. Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you -say hello down below!

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