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Tips for Cloth Diapering at Daycare

In general, Daycare centers are becoming more open-minded and accepting of cloth diapering. Here are some tips that can make their diapering job easier, and make them more likely to fall in love with cloth diapers as much as you love them!

These tips are great for babysitters, and grandparents as well!


1.  Prepare diapers so they just put onto baby

Prestuff pocket diapers or snap inserts into all-in-twos to reduce extra steps. If you use a more “complicated” system (e.g. prefolds), consider purchasing a few simpler style diapers for daycare.


2.  Add disposable liners to diapers to make poop disposal simple

Lying a disposable liner in each diaper will make poop disposal easy - Whether the daycare workers will do it or if you will when back at home.


3.  Provide lots of diapers

If the baby has a day that they use a particularly large number of diapers, you don’t want the daycare to run low. Make sure you provide enough for the day, plus a few emergency changes.


4.  Provide enough wet bags for dirty diapers

Make sure the daycare has lots of space to put those dirty diapers. Some prefer to separate poopy diapers, so having at least 2 wet bags per day may be helpful.


5.  Give them lots of clear information

Whether this is a quick diagram of which snap settings to use, an up-to-date pic of your little one in their diaper so they can see how they fit, or an offer to give them a demo of how to use the diapers, the daycare will feel a lot more comfortable if there is no confusion. Some daycare workers are quite knowledgeable about cloth, so this tip pertains more to daycares that are new to cloth and a bit apprehensive about using them. 

A little bit of education beforehand can prevent problems with poorly fitted diapers leaking later!


6.  Bring your own cloth-safe diaper cream

Toss a container of your favorite diaper cream labeled with your child’s name in with your diapers. If the daycare likes to use cream, they are less likely to use one that may damage your diapers if they have a specific one to use.


7. Maintain open communication with your care provider about the diapers

This one is obvious, but encourage your care provider to let you know if they run into any problems, as most are easy to fix.

Finding a place for your little one that you both love is challenging, and finding one that is also willing to give cloth a shot is a huge bonus! These tips will make cloth diapering easier for them, making both of you happy!

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