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Bumbini is proud to have partnered up with Lowen's

Bumbini is always looking to meet other amazing businesses such as Lowen's. The number one frustration among parents when diaper changing is dealing with diaper rash, that is until now, - thanks to Lowen's. I recently had the pleasure to talking with Founder and Ceo of Lowen's, Chad Zelensky.  Inspired by and named after their daughter, Lowen. After unsuccessful trials of commercially-available diaper rash treatments, they used their pharmaceutical knowledge and clinical experience to develop an innovative natural diaper balm using unconventional, unrefined locally-sourced ingredients.  1) Where is Lowen's located?  A family-owned and operated skin care company based in Calgary, Alberta. 2) Who is the creative mastermind behind Lowen products? What is your background? Conceived by a veteran Pharmacist committed to using organic, fair-trade, and/or locally-sourced...

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Household cleaner use linked to asthma risk in children: study

New research suggests frequent exposure to common household cleaning products can increase a child's risk of developing asthma. The study used data from more than two thousand children and examined their daily, weekly and monthly exposure to 26 types of household cleaners -- including dishwashing and laundry detergents, cleaners, disinfectants, polishes, and air fresheners.

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Preparing for Home Birth

Are you feeling confused about what to prepare for your upcoming home birth?  It’s likely your midwife has already given you a home birth supply list and you’ll need to have these purchased before 37 weeks to be sure you are ready. This STEP BY STEP shopping video guide to what you’ll need to purchase and prepare. 

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