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Pregnancy in the Age of COVID-19: Tips to support an expectant loved one

Do you have a spouse, partner, friend, daughter, or another loved one who's pregnant amid the pandemic? During these uncertain and challenging times, let her know that she is loved and supported. The tips and resources below can help you in supporting her before and after her pregnancy — so keep reading!

Prenatal Support for Expectant Mothers

 In the age of COVID-19, these three resources will help you to support the moms-to-be in your life. 

  •  Encourage your loved one to book a consultation with a midwife / or doula. The range of services offered includes prenatal, birth and labour support, as well as postpartum care. 
  • Schedule regular Zoom calls with your pregnant loved one encouraging social interaction. You can also coordinate a virtual baby shower.
  • Help moms-to-be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit with online prenatal workouts. You could even do them together virtually![1]


 Pregnancy and Postpartum Gift Ideas

 Give your expecting moms everything she needs for a safe and healthy pregnancy with these unique gift ideas. 

  •    Purchase a subscription box for your mom-to-be. You can find everything from maternity clothing, beauty products to flower bouquets and baby wipes. 
  • Buy her a few sets of comfy leggings, maternity tops and sweaters that work for pre- and post-pregnancy from one of her favourite stores.[2]
  • Make a gift basket for your loved one. While new moms are busy taking care of their new bundle of joy, they tend to forget about taking care of themselves. Be sure to fill it with items like their favourite snacks, comfy pyjamas, and postpartum care items.
  • Help new moms adjust to motherhood with prepared frozen meals, offer to babysit once a month for the new parents, gift them a cleaning or a diaper laundry service.[3]
  • Choose a great gift for moms or a starter kit for the new baby from Bumbini.

 Postpartum Support for New Mothers

 If a loved one has given birth during the pandemic, these three resources will help you to support her from afar. 

  •    Combat postpartum isolationby checking in with your loved one regularly, validating her feelings, and sending her daily or weekly messages of encouragement. 
  • Encourage physical activity, join support groups on social media, declutter her home, or take some time to meditate and practice self-care.[4]
  • A loved one suffering from postpartum depression? Online therapy services like Talkspace, 7 Cups, and Doctor on Demand can help. 


Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women, but it can also be a physically and emotionally challenging time — especially amid a global pandemic. These tips and resources will help you to support moms-to-be navigate pregnancy, cope with stress, and prepare for the arrival of their new bundle of joy. 










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