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Overview of the Best Bottom System

We Love the Best Bottom Diaper System!

We have been carrying the Best Bottom cloth diaper system for years now, and are even more thrilled with it now than we were when we first started carrying it! This system is one of the easiest to use, and one of the most affordable!

I tend to rave about Best Bottom at our cloth diaper workshops, and they make up a significant portion of our stash at home. We also made a cool YouTube Video showing the features and some tricks for using this system.          


An amazingly easy to use All in Two Cloth Diaper

As an all-in-two system, the Best Bottom system uses a waterproof cover and an absorbent insert. The insert snaps right into the cover – no stuffing required! And when the diaper is dirty, just snap the dirty insert out and snap a clean one in. No need to use a new cover for every bum change. This makes this system nice and affordable. All you need is 8-10 covers and 24-28 inserts! We just so happen to have a large package with 9 covers and 27 inserts (coincidence??)  It is also available in smaller packages for part-time use or to give it a try. I love diapers in packages as it takes the guesswork out of purchasing for you - all you need to do is choose your favorite cover prints!  

One Size Diaper Cover

The covers have 4 different rise settings, so are adjustable to fit from birth to potty training. And they actually do fit on tiny babies! The heavy-duty snaps easily adjust the rise to get a perfect fit on baby’s tushie.  And best of all, they come in a ton of adorable prints like cookie monster, fox trot or moo-licious cow print. How cute would your little one’s bottom be in those?

The covers have exposed PUL in the interior, which means you can give them a quick wipe and reuse them for several diaper changes. I usually have two covers on the go, and let them have a bit of time to air out in between uses, but this is completely optional. Once the cover starts to smell slightly or gets soiled, just throw it in the diaper pail and wash with the inserts. These covers also have leg gussets, which are phenomenal at preventing leaks. My son has thrown his very worst at this diaper, and we have NEVER had a blowout! 

Best Bottom Inserts

Since a newborns bum is different in size than a toddler’s bottom (really?) the Best Bottom system comes with 3 different sized inserts. There is lots of overlap between sizes though so you will probably not need all 3 sizes (use size small and then jump to large when baby’s bum is big enough). And since you don’t have to buy new covers, it still won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Another bonus - once your baby is big enough for the large size inserts, they aren't peeing as often and don't need to be changed as often. Therefore you won't need as many inserts - 15 is usually sufficient. 

Insert Size

Insert Length*

Child Weight

Stitch Color



Birth – 14 lbs.




11 – 22 lbs.




16 – 35 lbs.


 The inserts are also available in three different materials to suit your needs. 

Stay Dry are made of microfiber topped with soft microfleece. They are very absorbent and stay feeling dry even when they are completely soaked. They are the least expensive of the three types of inserts and are great for babies who are sensitive to feeling moisture. 

Hemp/Organic Cotton absorbs even more than the Stay Dry version, so are wonderful for longer stretches, like overnight. They allow baby to feel when they are wet, which is a huge help towards potty training. Hemp tends to be slower absorbing than other materials, so if your baby is a fast wetter (e.g. pees a TON all at once), placing a faster absorbing insert over top can help prevent leaks. Even a folded baby facecloth that can hold moisture for a few seconds will work perfectly. 

Bamboo inserts are new to Best Bottom and combine a lot of the best features of Stay Dry and Hemp. They absorb very quickly, absorb a ton of moisture and stay feeling super soft. They also allow the baby to feel wetness. 

Best Bottom Accessories

Best Bottom makes doublers that work to flawlessly add absorbency to this system when it is needed. With snaps on top and bottom, they snap into the cover, and then the insert snaps on top, adding extra layers beneath the insert. Microdoublers add 2 layers of microfiber to the diaper, which is great for naps. The Overnight Doublers are thicker, and add up to 6 extra layers, enough for dry overnights. They are available in microfiber and hemp/organic cotton and are an excellent addition to make this system even more versatile. 

Best Bottoms also has leggings that match some of their most popular cover prints. They keep baby's legs warm and protected while being so adorably cute. A Best Bottom Try It Package (1 cover and 3 inserts) paired with a set of these leggings makes an awesome baby gift to introduce new parents to Best Bottoms!

The Best Bottoms system is easy on the wallet, easy to use, easy to launder and easy on the eyes. What more could we ask for! 

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