Night Time Diapering - A Nightmare Or A Dream?

Night Time Diapering - A Nightmare Or A Dream?

So you’ve decided to use cloth diapers, and it’s going well. In fact, it’s easier than you thought it would be! But you’ve been thinking that you’d like to switch to using cloth diapers at night, but that’s the one thing you haven’t done yet. This is where Bummis Children's Wish Sleep Diaper comes in.

You’re wondering  - will the cloth diaper last through the night? Absolutely, in fact, your baby will sleep soundly all night. No longer being afraid that using a cloth diaper means that you’ll have to get up to change them. And who wants to wake up a baby during diaper changing at night? 

When our parents were cloth diapering that meant pairing a small prefold inside of larger prefold and then using a larger diaper cover on top. Parents were discouraged from using cloth diapers at night, as that meant cloth diapers just got bigger and bulkier, whereas disposable diapers became slimmer and trimmer due to the usage of chemicals.  

Finally, a night time cloth diaper that says bye-bye to unnecessary bulkiness. Take that disposables!

This sleep diaper comes with a Dimple Diaper and Cover. , perfect for night time diapering. It's made of 100% organic cotton, super-absorbent and trim. Its dimpled texture helps in absorbing everything thrown at it during the night, without any of the bulk.

Dads, are you looking to get a few more minutes of sleep? This thin booster is great for extending the absorbency before having to get up in the morning.

Here what some parents told us after trying the night time diapering system: 

From Katie:

Finally, a Full Night's Sleep!

I absolutely love the Dimple Diaper. When we decided to cloth diaper full time, we found that our son was waking up wet in the middle of the night. We bought the dimple diaper about a week ago and it works amazingly! No more middle of the night wet diaper changes. It's so nice to feel rested! 

And this from Julie:

The Dimple Diaper...a real overnight solution 

We love the dimple diaper! The diaper fits my little guy perfectly. It's not too bulky as I thought it might be….This is the perfect solution for cloth diapering overnight, particularly if you are a co-sleeping family, having no leaks means everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

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