Get the Most Out of Your Gift Registry

Get the Most Out of Your Gift Registry

Tiny babies arrive in the world with a laundry list of immediate needs and wants - crib, stroller, blankies, and of course, diapers. Many of us, myself included, hope that our friends and family will help whittle down a portion of this list with baby shower gifts, but in my experience, most gifts end up being cute newborn outfits, lovely blankets and toys. And while these gifts are very nice and thoughtful, they aren't as helpful to new parents as newborn essentials.
This is where gift registries come in super handy. You can direct your well wishers to exactly what you need and want for baby. Setting yourself up with cloth diapers is a decent investment (much less than if you had to buy 2-3 years worth of disposables at once, of course) so getting some assistance with it is quite nice! 
Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your gift registry: 

Decide what you actually want and need

This is probably an obvious one, but it does get overlooked. I remember making up our wedding registry with a huge assortment of items we never actually used, but going the first two years of marriage without a toaster or blender. Spending some time making a list of what you want to have in your diaper drawer when the baby arrives will give you a good outline for what you should add to your registry. Here's a post about some basics you should have on your shopping list, or you could attend one of our cloth diaper workshops so you are an expert before you even begin!

Pick a variety of items and price points

Your friends and family most likely have different budgets when it comes to purchasing baby gifts, so choosing a wide variety of items is helpful. You may want to add a couple more expensive items that you would hesitate to splurge on yourself too - you never know!

Let people know about your registry

Don't worry about seeming forward about this. It is a well-accepted expectation that baby shower guests bring gifts for the mom and baby. The majority of people appreciate having some guidance as to what to gift so they know their present will be appreciated and utilized by the family. Bumbini's gift registry gives you web addresses to add to email invitations. If you are doing printed invitations, feel free to contact me and I can send you some pretty cards to include in your invites directing guests to your registry. 

Advertise the fact that you are using cloth diapers

This is somewhat related to the previous point, but it's worth repeating. Diapers are an obvious necessity for babies, so lots of well-wishers provide expectant parents with boxes of disposables. A wonderful gesture, but not all that helpful if you plan to use cloth diapers. This can be as easy as telling people you are close to your plans to use cloth. If you are worried about overcoming objections from people who aren't supportive of cloth diapering, you can also pop a little poem into your shower invitations gently telling your guests your intentions and politely dissuading them from gifting disposables. A quick google search will bring up lots of these, or if you are creative you can make up your own. 

Pick a few non-diaper items

If you do have any non-cloth diaper believers who steadfastly refuse to buy cloth diapers, having a couple of non-diaper items on your registry can help. Bumbini carries lots of other items, including skin care products, baby wear, swim gear and more. 

Include me in the loop

When you set up your registry, send me a quick email to let me know! I am here to answer any questions you have, and will keep an eye on items being purchased from your list to make sure everything goes smoothly!
Are you ready to set up your registry? Head on over to our Gift Registry to get started!

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