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Flip Diaper System

 Flexibility and Affordability

The Flip Hybrid Diaper System is one of the most flexible systems on the market. It is an all-in-two system, which means it consists of two parts: a waterproof cover and inserts that fit into this cover. All-in-twos are already a parent favorite, as they allow the cover to be reused for several diaper changes. This cuts down on costs, and frees up a lot of space in the diaper bag! Flip has added another dimension of flexibility by offering a variety of insert types, including stay dry, organic cotton and even disposable! (The disposable option is what makes them a Hybrid diaper)

The Flip Cover   

The Flip cover is a one size cover, with rows of rise snaps allowing it to fit from 8-35 lbs. Its snap closures are mounted on stretchy tabs which let you get a really great fit, no matter what shape your baby is. It has really comfortable elastics at the legs and back that contain messes and is available in almost all of Cotton Babies most popular prints and colors. 

The interior of the Flip cover has exposed PUL, which can be wiped clean. This makes reusing the cover even easier. All you need to do is dump the dirty insert into the diaper pail, give the cover a wipe with a bum wipe and put a fresh insert in. This is so so handy when you are traveling or out and about - less stuff to carry with you! 

To keep the inserts from shifting around in the cover, the Flip has curved flaps front and back. The insert sits under these to prevent it from moving around. 

The Flip Inserts

The inserts are where the Flip System really shines. There is a type of insert for every budget and taste, and all are one-size, fitting in the cover from 8-35lbs (except the newborn inserts).

Stay Dry Inserts

These inserts are the most affordable of all the types of Flip inserts. They are made of microfiber topped with a smooth, stay dry layer, which keeps your baby's bum feeling dry, even if they are soaked. The Stay Dry Inserts don't need any preparation - just pop them into the cover and the diaper is ready to go. The Stay Dry insert has fold lines to allow you to easily fold it over to fit the cover when it is snapped down to a smaller rise setting. Clever, eh?

Organic Cotton Daytime Inserts   >

Natural fibers are fantastic - they are super absorbent, trim and wash really well. The Flip makes their Organic Cotton Daytime Inserts even easier to wash and dry because they are a single layer which is folded to fit into the cover. This makes them a great option if you are ever going to need to hand wash and line dry your diapers (e.g. while traveling). They also allow you to fold them in different orientations to fit bigger or smaller babies and to give extra absorbency where you need it. 

Organic Cotton Night Time Inserts

The Night Time inserts are very similar to the Day Time inserts, but they are thicker to offer more absorbency for overnights. They are folded into thirds (along the stitch lines) and placed into the cover.

Newborn Stay Dry Inserts

Newborns are tiny. Like surprisingly tiny. Even though you can adjust the one size inserts down to a small size, they can still look gigantic and bulky on really small newborns. So Flip has made an insert just for newborns. They are made of 2 layers of microfiber topped with stay dry fabric to keep baby dry. 

The newborn inserts come in packages of 6 and make an excellent and affordable newborn solution. When baby has outgrown them into the larger inserts, the newborn size can be reused as doublers for more absorbency later on. 

Disposable Inserts

This is what really sets the Flip System apart and makes it incredibly flexible! Disposable inserts are wonderful for traveling or camping - whenever laundry facilities are hard to access. The inserts can be thrown in the garbage and the covers hand washed in the tub or sink and hung to dry. 

You may ask "why not use disposable diapers instead of covers and disposable inserts?| The Flip Disposable inserts don't contain plastic, so they will break down a lot more readily than disposable diapers. As well, they are made without dyes or fragrances and are Oeko Tex certified to be free of any harmful substances. Cost wise, they are similar to "green" disposable diapers, so using them full-time would work out to be relatively expensive, but purely for travelling, they are a great option. 

What do you need to use Flip Full Time? 

Flip Diapers recommend 24 inserts of your choice and 6 covers to use the Flip System full time. I lean more towards 8 covers, as I like having a few extra on hand, but 6 is a great starting point, and you can always add more if you find you are running low. 

The Flip System is affordable!

Using Stay Dry inserts, an entire Flip Collection of 24 diaper changes works out to just over $300, or just $12.80 per diaper change (as of September 2016). That is an incredible value for diapers that will last you all the way until potty training! 

Similar Systems

The only system we carry that is as easy to reuse the cover as the Flip is the Best Bottom System. It is at a similar price point as well, but doesn't offer a disposable insert option. 

AppleCheeks has the cover reused by replacing the insert with a clean one, however since their covers are lined with fabric, this is slightly more difficult to achieve. AppleCheeks has both microfiber and bamboo inserts available, while  Omaiki just has bamboo. 

The Bottom Line

The Flip System is definitely a system worth looking into, especially if you would like a system with a considerable amount of flexibility built in. 

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