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Easy Tips for Using Cloth Wipes

Tips for Using Cloth Wipes

There are 3 basic steps:
1) Wet the wipe (with either water or a wipe solution)
2) Wipe the bum 
3) Throw the dirty wipe in the diaper pail with your dirty diapers

How to Use Cloth Wipes at Home

There are a few ways to use your cloth wipes at home. Try a few, and you will soon find what works for you. 

Wet Enough for the Day

Get your diaper station set up with enough moist wipes for the day by getting them damp and putting them in a container where you need them (either with a wipes solution or just water). I wouldn't suggest doing any more than you will use, because you don't want them to get musty. You can even use a wipe warmer to keep them snuggly warm (just make sure your wipes warmer works with cloth)

Wet Them as You Go

Put a spray or squirt bottle of your chosen wipes solution next to the changing table. Wet the wipes as you go. The peri-bottle you received at the hospital after giving birth works awesome for this (and is yet another way to reduce waste!)

How to Use Cloth Wipes Away From Home

If you are going to be away from home and aren't sure if you will have easy access to water, pack some pre-moistened wipes. We have a small, rectangular Tupperware container with a snap-on lid that works beautifully. My sister is much nicer than me and has a thermos. She moistens the wipes in warm water so her little boy has the luxury of a cozy warm bum wipe. Any waterproof container will do - disposable wipes containers work wonderfully too, and you can fold the wipes to pop out as the disposables do!
When the wipes are dirty, put them in the wet bag with your dirty diapers. One word of caution though - if you throw a damp wipe directly into the wet bag, wetness might seep through. PUL (the material wet bags made of) is water-resistant, not waterproof.  Never fear though - put the wipe inside the diaper you are putting in, and your diaper bag will stay leak-free. 

Home Made Wipes Solution Recipe

You can also make your own wipes solution with supplies you most likely have around the house. This is my favorite recipe: 
2 cups warm water
2 Tablespoons baby oil (I love Anointment's baby oil)
1 Tablespoons baby shampoo
1-2 drops of your favorite fragrance essential oil
1-2 drops tea tree essential oil
Mix these together and use on your wipes. 
Some sources will say not to wash wipes with any oil-containing solution with your diapers, but this solution is very dilute and has never caused any residue/repelling issues for us. 
That's it for wipes - they are that easy!

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