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Cloth Diapering Tips for Dads

When it comes to cloth diapering and Dads, it can be a tough sell. They feel "how much is this going to cost us"?  It can be intimidating and confusing in a sea of information.  When dad’s find out they can't just toss a dirty diaper in the garbage they worry about the added work that is involved, such as laundry.  Here are a few tips to help get dads on board with cloth diapering as being a better option to disposable diapers:  

  1. Saving money. Unlike cloth diaper that has an upfront cost, disposable diapers there is a recurring financial cost spread over a long period of time making disposable diapers quite expensive for families. In fact by several thousand of dollars! Some families are even cutting back on basic necessities such as food, utilities, and childcare in order to buy disposable diapers for their children. 
  2. Today, cloth diapers are available in many modern prints and designs. Gone are the days of those dreaded huge safety pins and stiff fabrics. 
  3. No more late night runs because you have run out of disposable diapers. 
  4. Quality bonding time you are spending with your little one, rather then busy running out to buy disposable diapers. 
  5. Not ready to invest, try diaper rentals as you are able to try a variety of diapers and find the one that works best for you and your baby.
  6. Cloth diapers can be used for many years and on multiple children. Once you no longer need your cloth diapers you can resell them and depend on the condition of the diapers,  can get recoup half the money that you invested. Now try doing that with disposable diapers!
  7. Think the amount of trash that will get produced when using disposable.

Don't get discouraged - There are wonderful resources to support you on this journey. Remember there has been past parents and grandparents that have used cloth diapers - who did not have the many choices in fabric and designs that we have today and were successful. 

To keep the conversation going - what other tips would you give to Dads.



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