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Bummis All in One Cloth Diaper

A few weeks ago, we had the great pleasure of having Betsy, the Founder of Bummis join us at our booth at the Ottawa Baby Show. Along with helping us perfect our prefold folding techniques (I am now in love with the Bikini Twist!), she introduced us to the brand-spankin' new Bummis All in One. It was instant love.
Bummis is well known and respected in the diaper industry for making high-quality products, and producing them right here in Canada from North American materials. The All in One is no exception - it was made here from 100% materials sourced in North America. I know this is an important issue for many families who want to know where their products come from and want to support Canadian companies.
So why do I love the All in One? Here are a few reasons:
The unique design of the interior of the All in One gives you a choice of what material you want touching baby's bum. If you prefer organic cotton, just tuck the flap into the pocket. If baby likes their bum feeling dry, leave the flap on top of the pocket, and the stay dry material gives them a dry feeling even when soaked. Pretty cool!
A lot of All in Ones tend to be quite bulky, but the Bummis AIO is surprisingly trim. As well, I love having the two rows of snaps around the waist that allow you to adjust the leg and waist independently, as it makes it possible to get a great fit on any shaped baby, even if they have sweet chubby thighs or a rolly baby belly.
Leak Proofing
Leaks can happen if a piece of baby's clothing (onesies are notorious for this) somehow comes in contact with the absorbent portion of the diaper. The Bummis AIO minimizes this by having the absorbent organic cotton layer towards the center, with suedecloth towards the edges. Even if a little bit of PJs manages to work its way into the diaper, it will most likely end up touching the suedecloth instead of the absorbent part, keeping pee from wicking out into baby's clothes. That coupled with the ability to get a great fit means pee (and other stuff!) will stay where it is supposed to.
Dry Time
All in Ones can take an eternity to dry since everything is in one piece. Bummis has come up with an ingenious way to deal with this - there are actually multiple layers of organic cotton instead of one extremely thick one. To speed up drying time, just flip the diaper inside out to expose these layers. I found the Bummis dried faster than the rest of our diaper collection. which is wonderful for an all in one! They can also be flipped inside out before washing to make sure that all of these layers get thoroughly clean, preventing any smell issues from arising.
The prints Bummis has come up with recently are gorgeous. It took some fast talking on my part to keep my fully toilet trained daughter from wanting back in diapers after she saw the Fairy Tale print. The solid colors are lovely and bright as well.
Price Point
This is the one potential downside to this diaper, as it is priced in the higher range of cloth diapers, however, it is well worth it! The great design and quality materials make this diaper worth every penny. And don't forget, even with a full stash of these, you'll still save thousands over using disposables, and they can be used on more than one baby.
This is a diaper that I am very proud to be selling at Bumbini, and I can't say enough good things about it. Bravo to Betsy and the Bummis crew for creating such a great diaper!