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Interview with Mom's Friends

Bumbini is always looking to meet other amazing businesses such as Mom's Friend. Preparing for the arrival of one's bundle of joy, moms are often overlooked in this joyous occasion, until now- thanks to Mom's Friend.

Bumbini interviewed the owner of Mom Friends, Lisa to find out more about their products specially geared for moms. 


1) How long has Mom Friends been around? 

Mom Friends has been in business since 2016. When it came time to launch we were frantically putting the final touches on our website and one of our co-friends Aviva was due with her second baby any day. We joke that it was a race to launch our business before the baby came. They were 'born' just four days apart in the end so it was very fitting given the nature of our postpartum care mission!


2)  Why was Mom Friends created?

The inspiration for Mom Friends came when friends in our circle started to have babies. Our friends are hilarious and honest and open as well as incredibly practical. When attending each other's baby showers we wanted to give one another gifts that would be really helpful for the birth parent and their supports. For us, this meant getting real about postpartum rest and recovery. We wanted to help each other as first-time moms to feel prepared for the mental and physical highs and lows, the leaky body, the amazing and terrifying wonderment of parenthood. 

Once we began giving each other postpartum care kits we realized that postpartum care is still not very well understood and it's also tough to find the products you're looking for - especially in the right quantities. For instance, many birth parents wear adult diapers after they give birth because of the heavy blood flow - but do we need a 30 pack of them? Probably not. We launched with a mission to help birth parents feel prepared and supported by their loved ones for the first week following delivery - simplifying the shopping list and creating even stronger bonds between friends and family so that when someone is struggling they know they have someone they can reach out to for help. 


3) What or Who has inspired you to create this brand?

The cheeky part of our name - Mom Friends - is that often only your mom friends will know what you could really use after delivery - they have been there with the hemorrhoids, the cracked nipples, the mood swings. Mom Friends support one another in a unique and knowing way. The postpartum care kits we provide are also definitely mom's best friend during the first week (yes they have chocolate too need we say more?!)


4) What have you learned since Mom Friends has been in existence?

We have learned so much since launch. We are three close friends so we have learned more about one another through business ownership. We have also learned about diverse birthing experiences and we're always so excited and honoured to hear birth stories and how our kits help families through the first weeks. The biggest learning so far has been to check-in often with our customers on how they're using the kits. We designed our postpartum care kits by crowdsourcing advice from over 200 moms on what helped them through their first week postpartum. It was simple - they told us what they used following their vaginal or c-section delivery, and we simply packed our kits with their top suggestions. This way we never second guess ourselves about the products we're offering. We're so lucky to have input from moms, and that's an ongoing thing for us that also helps us connect with our community. It's really cool.  


Thinking of pampering a new mom or mom to be, or getting one for yourself, Lisa at Mom Friends is offering $15 off purchases (code: CLOTH15) at checkout.  Get your bundle today and you won't be disappointed.

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