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Best Bottom Inserts And Types

Best Bottom Inserts

Best Bottom diapers make one of the easiest to use, most affordable all in two cloth diapers out there. Their one size covers fit beautifully from birth to potty training, and being able to reuse the cover in between washes makes it even more affordable.

Best Bottom has three types of inserts from which to choose, all with their pros and cons.


Stay Dry Inserts

The Stay Dry inserts are the most affordable of the three options and definitely live up to their name. These inserts can be completely soaked, and still feel dry on baby's bum because of the fleece layer on the top of the microfiber insert. While not the thirstiest of the three, it Is still plenty absorbent for the average baby.

The downsides of the Stay Dry inserts are related to the fact that they are made of microfiber, a synthetic material. Microfiber tends to hold on to odours more than natural fibers, so can lead to smell issues. As well, the Stay Dry inserts are thicker than the other two types.


Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts

Hemp and cotton are both wonderfully absorbent materials. So absorbent that while these inserts are thinner than the Stay Dry, they can actually absorb more. They allow baby to feel wetness, which will help when it is time for learning to use the potty, and are less likely to develop smell issues as they are a natural material.

What are the cons of the hemp/cotton inserts? They can feel a bit stiff or crunchy, especially if you line dry. A quick tumble in the drier helps them soften up though. They are also more expensive than the Stay Dry option.


Bamboo Inserts

Bamboo inserts are relatively new to Best Bottom, and are getting positive reviews so far. Bamboo is another very thirsty natural material, so it shares many of the pros of the hemp/cotton inserts. It is super silky soft though and stays this soft even after multiple washes.

The bamboo inserts are more expensive, and bamboo does take the longest to dry of the three types of inserts. 

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