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BumGenius Freetime All-in-One

The bumGenius Freetime All-in-one has been around for a while, but it is brand new here on the shelves of Bumbini. This is a diaper I am super excited to have in stock, and I will share some of its features with you so you are just as excited!!

Easy to Use

The bumGenius Freetime is a one-piece diaper, so everything is all attached, and there is no stuffing necessary! The Freetime has two inserts which fold out to make drying easier. These just fold in and then the diaper goes on baby's bum. If you need extra absorbency in the front for a boy, you can fold the front insert over to give an extra layer there. Because they are so simple, they are a favorite for daycares! 

Keeps Baby Feeling Dry

The inserts of the Freetime are made of microfiber and are topped with a suede cloth. This smooth fabric wicks moisture away from baby's bum so they feel dry even if their diaper is soaked.

One Size

With rise snaps to adjust the size, the Freetime can fit from about 8-35 lbs. You may need a newborn diaper to bridge the gap from birth until baby is big enough to get a snug fit, but after that, the Freetime will fit all the way up to potty training. 


The elastics on the Freetime have rolled out casings and are super stretchy to keep messes in and prevent red marks on baby's legs. As well, they are made to be very easy to replace, even with very basic sewing skills. This is great because elastics tend to be the part of cloth diapers that breaks down the fastest, so by replacing them you can greatly extend the lifespan of your diapers. using them for multiple children (or selling them when you are done!)

Colors and Prints

bumGenius is known for their bright, cheerful solid colors, and sought after prints. We currently have 21 colors and prints in stock at Bumbini, including limited edition prints and retired colors! 

Quantity Pricing

Most of us cloth diaper to save money, so isn't it great to save even more? If you buy 6 or more Freetimes, you will save (and you'll save more the more you buy!!). 
Do you see why I am so excited about these diapers?