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5 Reasons To Give Cloth Wipes a Try

For some reason, even people who are totally comfortable with cloth diapers have a total "ick" reaction when they think of cloth wipes. I did too, until I actually tried using them. Now they are my absolute favourite cloth diaper accessory! Here are my 5 reasons I think you will love them too!

1) They are cheaper than disposable wipes

I know, those giant boxes of wipes at Costco look like they will last forever. But they disappear surprisingly fast. Any time I have used disposable wipes, I used an average of two wipes per diaper change, and more on particularly disastrous diaper changes. Doing some math here, the big box of wipes will only last a little over a month, adding at least a couple hundred dollars to your diapering bill over your baby's diaper career. 
Compare that to cloth wipes. For the cost of one box of disposable wipes, you can outfit yourself with enough cloth wipes to last for at least one baby. We are still using our wipes even after year 4 and still going strong!  

2) Cloth wipes use way fewer chemicals

This reason was the driving force behind us using cloth wipes. I walked down the wipe aisle at a baby store, and it smelled exactly like a chemical I had just been using in my lab. A chemical that I had to use in a fume hood with gloves and a face shield to safely handle. Now I know that wipes are safety tested, but it just really made me realize that I didn't know which chemicals were in these wipes. And with my allergy prone skin, it made me wonder what effect they would have on my tender baby's bottom. 
Cloth wipes give you complete control over what chemicals you use. You can use your own wipe solution, a commercially made one, or even just plain water. 

3) They are EASIER to use

Ever try to wash dishes with toilet paper? Of course not, because it wouldn't work very well. This is how I feel whenever I have used disposable wipes. They just aren't tough enough to handle what they need to handle! Plus while using cloth diapers with disposable wipes, you have put the wipes and diapers in separate containers and then deal with the garbage!
With cloth wipes, the dirty ones just pop into the diaper pail with the diapers and get washed exactly the same. And they are thicker, which keeps you that much further from the "action". Anything that keeps me from getting poop on my hands is a win in my book. 

4) Cloth wipes create less garbage

Not really a surprise there. 

5) There is no risk in giving them a try

If you hate cloth wipes (which I don't think you will), then you can use them for many other things. They make nice, durable face cloths, cleaning cloths, towels for drying off muddy dog feet or whatever else you can think of. 
Keep an eye out for my next blog post, where I will give you some tips on making cloth wipes an awesome addition to your cloth diapering routine :)

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