image of hanging large wet bag with light whales prints on dark blue background

37 Ways to Use your Wet bags

Wetbags aren’t just for cloth diapers! Our Large and Medium size wet bags with separate compartments can be used for so many purposes for the whole family and not just for cloth diapers.  With so many choices in prints and colors, you simply can’t just have one.

Here are a few ideas …….                

  1. Toiletry bag   
  2. Shopping bag
  3. Library book bag                      
  4. Snacks for outings
  5. Hair brush and ties
  6. Halloween candy bag
  7. Storing kitchen towels
  8. Sweaty workout clothes
  9. Bingo dabbers for grandma
  10. Halloween, Christmas decorations
  11. Cottage gear -First aid kit, bug spray
  12. Dinner party guest bags to take home
  13. Holding cleaning rags in one location
  14. Birthday party loot bag loot for your guests
  15. Activity sac for children during long car rides
  16. Dirty cloth diapers, breast pads, blankets, etc
  17. Extra clothing – daycare, sitters, grandma house
  18. Craft storage – wool, needing needles, sewing kit
  19. Laundry bag to store dirty clothes during vacation
  20. Electronics - store your charger and headphones
  21. Colouring books, toys to occupy kids at the restaurant
  22. Re-useable gift bags for showers, Christmas, Birthdays
  23. Dog, cat food when traveling with our beloved companions
  24. Holding rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, bows and ribbons
  25. Holding dress shoes, flip flops, sandals, high heels,  runners
  26. Storing socks, underwear, bras, lingerie separate in your suitcase
  27. Compiling your junk mail for the week before putting in the black box
  28. Keeping a spare set of clothes for you and baby in case of an accident
  29. Makeup, hairspray, nail polish, hair gel, hairdryer, feminine products
  30. Car organizer to storing your shopping bags in one convenient location
  31. Holding pre-moistened cloth wipes when on the go or off the change table
  32. Storing smaller toys, lego, puzzles, building blocks to prevent from losing pieces
  33. Keeping your accessories separate and in one location – necklaces, bracelets, scarves
  34. Picnics – take your food and cutlery and store your garbage until you can throw it away
  35. Beach gear - towels, suntan lotion, bathing suits, sunglasses, wallets, keys, cell phones     

What do you use your wet bags for?       

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