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10 Reasons to Attend a Workshop

When I told my mom that my husband and I were attending a cloth diaper workshop, she looked at me like I had two heads. When she was diapering babies, there was basically one option - big rectangles of flannel that were intricately folded and pinned onto our little bums. Now though, there is a staggering number of options and an overwhelming amount of conflicting information on the internet that is completely impossible for a mere mortal to sift through! 
Enter cloth diaper workshops. An experienced cloth diapering mom or dad will patiently walk you through all the basics of how to use cloth diapers, answer all of your questions and share the benefits of their knowledge with you. 
Here are ten reasons attending a cloth diaper workshop will benefit you: 

1) Make your decision to cloth diaper a confident one

Once you (and your partner) learn all about how to use cloth diapers, and the benefits of cloth diapering, your decision will be a lot easier to make. If you do decide to go ahead with cloth diapers, you will feel confident that it is the right decision for your family. 

2) See all the diaper types in person

Looking at a tiny picture of a diaper on a computer screen is worlds away from being able to actually hold, touch and feel it. And most of us are not lucky enough to have a brick and mortar cloth diaper shop in our immediate vicinity. Cloth diaper workshops help bridge this gap, by allowing you to check out a large variety of cloth diaper styles and brands. It will make your decision making sooo much easier. 

3) Get the information you ACTUALLY need

There is so much cloth diaper information out there on the internet that it would be impossible for one person to read and digest it all. Add the fact that tons of it contradict itself, and it leaves new parents absolutely confused as to what advice they should follow. Our cloth diapering advice, especially to do with laundry and care of diapers, is based on the latest information directly from manufacturers and reliable sources such as the Real Diaper Association. I attend regular webinars and keep up to date with industry information to make sure that the information I and our workshop leaders are sharing with you is the very best possible. 

4) Get answers for all of your burning questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to cloth diapering. Honestly, if it is on your mind, just ask. Our workshop leaders are fountains of knowledge and can solve that mystery for you. We leave tons of time in our workshops for everyone to ask questions. 

5) Meet some other new and expectant parents in your community

We're all in this together. Make friends, chat and be merry. You never know who you will meet. One of my first workshop attendees is now a good friend of mine, and I wouldn't have met her if she didn't attend a workshop. 

6) Take advantage of our workshop leaders' experience

All of our workshop leaders cloth diaper their children, and have used a variety of different brands. They are all still in the trenches of parenthood and are ready and willing to share their first-hand experiences with you. They have tons of tips and tricks that they have learned just ready to share with you!

7) Have fun!

All of our workshop leaders have wicked senses of humour and don't have any judgmental bones in their body. I promise there won't be any exams at the end of the classes, and no one will yell at you if you don't put up your hand to ask a question. Plus where else can you hear 48 synonyms for poop? 

8) Get tips for saving money on cloth diapers

There are lots of ways to cut down the amount you spend on cloth diapers without sacrificing quality, and we will share those tips with you. For example, using our gift registry to get your friends and family to do the buying for you, or taking our diaper trial kit for a spin to try all the diapers before buying. We liberally sprinkle our workshops with tips like these so in a couple of years you can brag to your friends about all the money you saved using cloth diapers!

9) Inherit your own personal cloth diaper guru

We encourage all of our workshop attendees to give us a shout any time a question comes up, and I receive all those emails. I may not be able to tell you what the meaning of life is, but I sure can answer cloth diaper questions! Any time you have a cloth diaper question, whether it is an hour after the workshop or 2 years down the road, I will be here and ready to answer it. 

10) Decide what you need without any pressure

We purposely don't sell anything at our workshops, just so you don't feel any pressure to buy. We will show you all the products we have, give you all the information you need and then leave you to make your decision. 

Do we have you convinced to attend a workshop now?? 

We hold workshops regularly. All of the details, dates, and locations can be found in the workshop section of our website. We also have an online workshop. It doesn't have the benefit of being able to touch the diapers, but it goes through the same information and gives an in-depth look at all the types of diapers. Plus you don't even have to leave the house!!!

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