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 Well, they can be used up to five children before noting any wear and tear of the diapers. In other words, cloth diapers can withstand six to seven years of diapering!  

The longevity will depend on a few variables such as did you buy the diapers new or used, quality of diaper, how many diapers you use, how often they are washed, the type of detergent you use, do you use stain removers, bleaches, dryer sheets (all very harmful to diapers and not recommended to be used at all) and lastly the drying method. All these factors will determine the durability of your cloth diapers.  

 Most cloth diapers users will need between 24 and 30 cloth diapers to successfully cloth diaper their baby. This quantity allows you to do laundry every 2-3 days.  

Cloth diapers cost anywhere between $300 to $700 for the initial purchase, depending on the brand and style chosen. This is even factoring in cloth diaper accessories such as diaper cream, wet bags, diaper sprayers, or bio liners. 

Disposable diapers will cost you $2400 to $3000 by the time your child reaches two years old. This does not even account for diaper accessories such as diaper genies, laundry bins, wipes. As you can see the cost quickly adds up.  

 Congratulations on your new arrival, this is an exciting time for you and your family’s life. No worries, we got you covered. If you are interested in getting started with cloth diapers, try our cloth diaper workshops! We will go through all of the basics of
cloth diapering, including laundry, what to do with the poop, what you need to
get started, and the types of diapers available! There is tons of time to have
all of your questions answered, that you will feel confident in your cloth
diapering decisions.

Give them the gift of choice with our personalized gift card, pick from hundreds of designs that will take gift card giving from blah to beautiful. 

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Sure, we get it that cloth diapering is not for everyone. Most parents worry about the amount of laundry that will get generated by using cloth diapers. But you are already doing laundry every 2-3 days with spit-ups and drool stains, the good news is that cloth diapers can simply be added to those washes.  

Hands up if you want to save $1800. Yes please!
Simply by switching from disposable to cloth diaper, that is exactly how much you will save.

There is the environmental aspect of diverting hundreds of disposable diapers out of landfills, where one disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose that is not even considering the raw human waste that is sitting in our landfills that may leak into our waterways. By the time your baby is two years old, they will have gone through over 7000 diaper changes. That is a lot of garbage being produced by one baby.  

As a parent, by switching to cloth diapers you are controlling the number of harmful chemicals that are being exposed to your baby’s delicate skin and reproductive organs. 

Then there are the hidden benefits such as never running out of diapers again, running the risk of not finding diapers at your local grocery store (what we have witnessed or price gouging during times of pandemic), looking for sales or having to hoard your baby’s nursery as a warehouse with boxes of diapers. Finally, they have a great resell factor. Now try that with disposable diapers.  

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Absolutely. they are worth it unless you have an abundance of time on your hands to manipulate the sizing of one-size diapers and deal with issues of leaking diapers.  

Newborn diapers are specially designed for newborns, where you will always get a great fit and eliminate leaks. Unlike one-size diapers that needing to be tailored and often look that they are ill-fitting on your newborn, increasing the chance of leaking. Let’s face it, as a new mom who has time to be fussing with sizing a diaper and dealing with leaks?  

 If using cloth diapers, they will not develop a diaper rash. Cloth diapers ensure that your baby's skin gets air with frequent changes. Diaper rash occurs when there is a reaction to the detergent being used. Your detergent may not have been thoroughly rinsed out
leaving you with still having detergent residue. You will know if the diapers
smell clean coming out but quite stinky after being soiled. Also, avoid
unnecessary chemicals on your baby skin such as diaper creams and wipes.


 RLR Laundry Treatment comes handy
in this case. It's used to deep clean, removing residue and buildup from your clothing, and cloth diapers, to deal with repelling, leaking and odor issues. It also works well with hard water, pulling the built-up minerals out of the fibers and rinsing them away.

It's safe to use as it contains no phosphates, non-polluting, and bio-degradable.  

Just add it to a tub or sink and soak your diapers for 1-2 hours (longer if you
like) and then toss into washer and wash as you normally do.

 Most parents cringe at the thought of dealing with pooh but there are two easy ways - either by using Bumbini Bioliners or with a diaper sprayer. 

To minimize stains, you can lay a flushable bio liner inside the diaper, and when you are changing you simply pick up the liner and toss directly into the toilet. The other way
is by using a diaper sprayer where you will spray off the solids directly into
the toilet.

Either methods makes the diaper clean up a snap. 

If you have stains, no worries as Buncha Farmers is tough on stains but gentle on cloth diapers (well for all your family laundry). Leaves your laundry smelling of fresh
eucalyptus! Removes grass stains, salt, grease, red wine, ketchup, ink and so
much more. Simply rub the stained area with
Buncha Farmers before you start your normal load of laundry.  

Payment options

 We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover card.  


All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee on the items plus any shipping and handling charges. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from Bumbini for both the returned product and the new replacement product.

All returns must have prior authorization from Bumbini and be shipped back to us within 15 days of receipt of the items.

Items must be returned with the original receipt and in resalable condition: new, unused, unwashed, and with all original tags and packaging intact. Any item that is returned to us in less than re-salable condition will be returned to the purchaser at their expense. 

Returns will be processed upon receipt of package and credit automatically be applied to original method of payment after the item is received, inspected, and approved for refund. 

For hygienic reasons - no refunds or exchanges on gift cards, cloth/swim diapers, personal care products (plates, bowls, menstrual care, skincare products), special orders,
discontinued, clearance or sale merchandise or any merchandise without packaging
and tags removed.

We recommend to purchase postal insurance as we are not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged in transit to us. 

Shipping charges are nonrefundable and the shipping costs to return / exchange the
item(s) are the customer's responsibility. Orders with a free shipping offer will have the actual shipping cost deducted from the refund.

 If you believe the product you have purchased is defective, most manufacturers
prefer to handle warranty issues directly themselves for quality control.

Contact us, as we are happy to assist you in the warranty process to the appropriate company for warranty claims, as well as provide you with a copy of your receipt.   


The order price you paid us only covers the cost of shipping to you.
Unless you are ordering a warehouse full of diapers, you should not incur any
extra charges but please check with your customs agency if you have any
certainty. In rare cases, the FDA may hold packages as they cross the border
between Canada and the US for inspection. This delay is beyond the control of
Bumbini and all charges incurred are passed directly to the customers from the
inspection agency. These fees are not collected by Bumbini.

Once your parcel is in the hands of the shipping carrier, they are responsible for
its safe delivery. In the event that your package arrives damaged or arrives after the guaranteed delivery date, please
contact us immediately, include
a photo of the damaged package and/or contents, so that we can initiate a
claim for you with the carrier. Keep in mind that most postal carriers
have 30 days from when the package has been shipped to file claims
and its important that we are advised as soon as possible to ensure that a
claim can be filed during this time frame. Unfortunately, after this
period, if we are notified out of the 30 days time frame we are unable to
initiate a claim for you.

Most orders are processed within 1-3 business days. After its shipped, average delivery times are 2-5 business days within Canada. 

If its an international order, most packages arrive with two or three weeks, though it can take from four to six based upon your country handles these packages. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do on our end to expedite that process.   

We ship worldwide and shipping charges vary based on your location and the
products you have purchased.

For North America orders, Bumbini offers shipping on order great than or equal to $100.00 before taxes. Orders less than $99.99 ship will have a flat fee of $9.95.

For local orders, we offer free pick-up as well.

 We ship worldwide and we believe you should have options available such as Canada
Post, Fed Ex, Purolator, UPS, DHL, Canpar and all our rates include $100 insurance coverage for your orders, as well as a tracking number unless stated otherwise. If you require additional insurance coverage, please contact us to request a quote.

For international orders, we ship using a variety of postal carriers that you can choose from. Please bear in mind that most postal carriers offer tracking. If you are looking for a lower-cost shipping option and are willing to do with tracking, Small Packet International Air and International Parcel Air are good options that Canada Post offers.  

 You know that feeling of eagerly awaiting for your package, then the realization
that it might not come, followed by questioning and anxiety. Did they ship it?
Are they ripping me off? I haven't ordered from them before....It sucks!

No need to feel like this. 

Be confident knowing that all orders receive tracking information unless stated
otherwise, advising you when you order has been prepped and ready to be
shipped. Once the package is within the shipping carrier's hands, tracking
information is not always real-time. Shipping providers might delay updating
the tracking by several days. Rest assured, your package is still on its way to
you and probably further along than it looks.

 Great question. Why is there variance in how more expensive to ship
Canadian orders? To start, we do not make money on any shipping
charges. This is a revenue-neutral service and why we offer many shipping
options to illustrate in real-time the cost for shipping rather than raising
our prices. Unfortunately, big online glomerates just like Amazon are able to
have shipping exclusivities with certain shipping providers, impairing other
online business to compete in offering the same shipping options. Not only are
they able to get exclusivity rights, but they are also leaving a false
impression on consumers that shipping rates are inflated and that merchants are
making money as a result. Both of which are untrue.

The other part of this variance to bear in mind is that it also
depends on how close your location is to Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Naturally the
further away you are from us, the longer it takes. If you wish to have your
order quicker, we have those options available however it will cost you.
Unfortunately, for us here in Canada, the reality is the cost to ship is
disproportionately greater than in other parts of the world.